Coming 2021 -- Ink & Nicotine

From an interview with Red Idle Rejects, regarding the upcoming album Ink & Nicotine:

"We had the opportunity to get the inside scoop on the Red Idle Rejects and their upcoming release with the label, Ink and Nicotine. In the hot seat, was group front-man Steve Bowling. He’s shown us where the lonely reside, but what goes on in the mind of the lonely? As Oak Honest’s resident representatives of alt. country, we wanted to get down to their roots, song inspiration, and plans for the future."

New Red Idle Rejects album Genus Americanas out now.

"If you yearn to tune in a Johnny Cash of your own generation, then let me introduce you to Red Idle Rejects. They play their boisterous songs with a refreshingly uncluttered energy. There’s an insistence to these songs that remind us of the essence of rock and country: expressing truths that need to be shouted, but wrapping some kick ass chords around them to soften the blow just a little. At the epicenter of this important task is the originality of the material, which offers everyone a moment to shine."

- Greg Victor,

"As usual, Red Idle Rejects have created an entertaining album. This time around we have a mature release with depth and style. The lyrics written by Steve Bowling should make us think about life, relationships, work and politics. Genus Americanas is a brave, thoughtful release, probably the band's best album so far."

- Paul Riley, Country Music Magazine

"...this is a very pleasing and easily accessible collection of tunes. [...] Well worth a listen or three."

- Roger Bowie, Radio13 NZ

Red Idle Rejects.